Retrieve one or many contents' metadata

Resource URL /{stack}/{tenant}/content-metadata/ad-hoc

Query Parameters

Name Description

Use this to perform generic searches for string, integer, boolean, and date fields. Date fields must be in UTC date format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ. Search must contain at least one set of valid search objects. Multiple sets of objects can be provided to support 'OR' conditions. Search objects within a set will be joined with 'AND' conditions. Search objects require the following core fields - "field", "type", "operator". Valid operators include - "IN", "NOT IN", "BETWEEN", "NOT BETWEEN", "IS", "IS NOT", "IS NULL", "IS NOT NULL", "=", ">", "<", ">=", "<=", "!=", "<>", "<=>".

Each set of search objects should contain a primary key for the query to be efficient. Corresponding additional required search object fields are operator dependent and can be determined from the following examples

Example 1 - Single set of search objects. Every object within a set will be joined with 'AND' clause.

[[{ "field":"primaryKey", "type":"string", "operator":"IN", "values":[ "PolicyDocTest", "PolicyDocTest1", "PolicyDocTest2" ]}, {"field":"documentDate", "type":"date", "operator":"=", "comparisonValue":"2019-04-22T18:25:43.511Z" }, { "field":"createDate", "type":"date", "from":"2020-03-20T08:57:43Z", "operator":"BETWEEN", "to":"2020-04-25T13:15:30Z" }, { "field":"documentType", "type":"string", "operator":"IS NULL" }, { "field":"archiveIndicator", "type":"boolean", "operator":"IS", "trueorfalse":"true" }]]

Example 2 - Multi set of search objects. Every set of objects will be joined with 'OR' clause.

[[{"field":"primaryKey", "type":"string", "operator":"IN", "values":["PolicyDocTest", "PolicyDocTest1", "PolicyDocTest2"]}, {"field":"documentDate", "type":"date", "operator":"=", "comparisonValue":"2019-04-22T18:25:43.511Z"}, {"field":"createDate", "type":"date", "from":"2020-03-20T08:57:43Z", "operator":"BETWEEN", "to":"2020-04-25T13:15:30Z" }, {"field":"documentType", "type":"string", "operator":"IS NULL" }, {"field":"archiveIndicator", "type":"boolean", "operator":"IS", "trueorfalse":"true"}], [{"field":"secondaryKey", "type":"string", "operator":"NOT IN", "values":["PolicyDocTest", "PolicyDocTest1", "PolicyDocTest2"]}, {"field":"createDate", "type":"date", "operator":"!=", "comparisonValue":"2019-04-22T18:25:43.511Z" }, {"field":"documentDate", "type":"date", "from":"2020-03-20T08:57:43Z", "operator":"NOT BETWEEN", "to":"2020-04-25T13:15:30Z" }, {"field":"documentType", "type":"string", "operator":"IS NOT NULL"}, {"field":"archiveIndicator", "type":"boolean", "operator":"IS NOT", "trueorfalse":"true" }]]

Example 3 - Search for metadata array (currently Nebula only supports adhoc searches for string or date metadata arrays, not integer metadata arrays) Metadata array field names should be passed in the request enclosed in brackets (in this example field is [searchArray]). Metadata array searches support the IN or NOT IN operator. If searching for multiple metadata array values, they should be broken up into individual search objects for query efficiency.

[[{"operator":"IN", "values":[ "value1"], "type":"string", "field":"[searchArray]"}, {"operator":"IN", "values":[ "value2"], "type":"string", "field":"[searchArray]"}, {"field":"primaryKey", "type":"string", "operator":"IN", "values":[ "AdhocSearchTest1", "PolicyDocTest1", "PolicyDocTest2" ]}]]

Example 4 - Search that includes NULL values use the flag includeNull = "true" this is only supported for != and IN operator


searchByRange (Deprecated)

Use this to perform range searches for integer and date fields. Date fields must be in UTC date format YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssZ. Only one searchByRange parameter is required but accepts both types at the same time. Example - [{"field":"appliedamount","from":10,"to":2000,"type":"integer"},{"field":"documentDate","from":"2019-04-21T13:15:30Z","to":"2019-04-25T13:15:30Z","type":"date"}]

searchByExact (Deprecated)

Use this to search for an exact value for metadata fields that are not keys. Only one searchByExact parameter is required but accepts both types at the same time. The value can be a single item or an array of values. Types can be string or int. Example 1 - [{"field":"claimnumber","value":"987654321","type":"string"}] Example 2 - [{"field":"documentType","value":["Branded Title Check","Manifest"],"type":"string"}]


Indicates whether documents that are marked as non-visible such as on hold or suppressed are included in the search response. This will not include the documents marked for deletion. By default, documents that have a value in the visibilityIndicator field in the Nebula system will not be returned.

Header Parameters

Name Description

Apigee OAuth2 Bearer Token


JWT used for document access control


API Key of the registered client application or application name provided by the Nebula team.


Unique Id used to track the request end-to-end. Required for troubleshooting.

Request Body


Name Type Description


Code Examples

Resource Summary


Content Type





HTTP Code Description


Unable to search for documents due to invalid or insufficient data provided by the client


Client is not permitted to use this operation


Internal server error